About Us

Photography Is Life


With my family, I trek deep into remote areas of Glen Canyon, Marble Canyon, the Paria,  & The Grand Staircase-Escalante of the desert southwest.  

We backpack extensively in the

 Shoshone & Bighorn Forests of Wyoming.  

And are blessed to have called many zip codes home!  Including the Yellowstone, Grand Teton & Beartooths of the north as well as the deserts of the southwest.   

Some images are from locations easily identifiable 

While most are not on any map.

We currently live in Kanab, UT.

About Me


 I am a Wyoming native.  Montanan to my soul.  Arizona girl at heart.  

We wander in deserts and forests. 

 Travel two-lane highways and dirt roads. 

 Sleep under stars and call no zip code home for long.

My family and I journey in sand and around geysers.  We venture where people haven't been in thousands of years.  

We tread lightly, leave only footprints and take only photographs. 

We know that life is short, so we play hard and love much. 

 And make a lot of memories in the in-between.

Sharing My Work


 Through my metal & canvas prints, I invite you to bring visual chapters of my stories & adventures into your life & home.   

I prefer metal and do my best to keep my costs as low as I can.  I also print on canvas on request.  

I believe everyone should enjoy beautiful art.  Not just those who can "afford" it.  

Each image is a testament to a natural wonder; weather, geology, culture or animals. 

My quest to keep the landscape pure in printing is reflected in my minimal editing processes and NON-Photoshop use.  

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